Brain Toniq and Brain Toniq Light

Truly functional drinks that help you focus with no caffeine, no processed sugar and no fake anything. Just effective herbs, natural compounds, and natural sweeteners.

Questions about Brain Toniq

What's in Brain Toniq?

Brain Toniq is the world's first true botanical-based non-caffeinated organic "think drink" in the market place. It is unique, and distinguishes itself in the beverage crowd by being the first tonic specifically designed for those who need more mental focus and clarity. Its formulation is based on certified organic botanical extracts that have a long and known history for their effects on brain power and cognitive enhancement.

Brain Toniq is an effective and natural functional tonic, designed to increase concentration and focus. It is the only product on the market that does not use caffeine (of any sort) to create its effect. It works by combining three powerful nootropic plant extracts—Rhodiola root, Eleuthero, and wild-crafted Blue Green Algae—as well as two organic compounds—Choline and DMAE. We then add organic agave syrup and flavor it with natural citrus extracts pulled from lemons, limes, passion fruit and grapefruit. To learn more about each ingredient, please see the ingredients page.

The need

In 2012, over 600,000 businesses were started in the U.S. alone. These include software engineers, information technologists, programmers, designers, artists, systems analysts, technical writers, academic professionals, and researchers. There are many outside of the tech world that daily need to increase their ability to focus, such as parents, students of all kinds, teachers, scientists, and crafts people. These knowledge workers are looking for a healthy way to get their mental capacities back on line. They intuitively know that adding more caffeine isn't the answer.

In 2006, over 580,000 businesses were started in the U.S. alone. Every one of them was started by a knowledge worker. These include software engineers, information technologists, programmers, designers, artists, systems analysts, technical writers, academic professionals, and researchers. And there are many outside of the geek world that daily feel the need to increase their ability to focus, such as parents, lawyers, teachers, scientists, and students of all kinds. These knowledge workers are looking for an easy, healthy way to get their blood sugar and mental capacities back on line. They've already done their caffeine, and they intuitively know that adding more caffeine isn't the answer.

Brain Toniq is an antidote to that fog. A delicious drink that provides a simple, elegant access to some of the world's most powerful brain enhancing plants, all in one can that is actually good for you. Brain Toniq: You have a dream. We can help you get there.

Where can I buy it?

You can purchase Brain Toniq here on the site. We also list each retailer at our Find a Store page. If your state does not yet have any locations, please help us by asking your local store to carry Brain Toniq and direct them to this site; we'll put them on our retail list immediately. If you yourself are interested in becoming a distributor for your area or campus or workplace, contact us.

If there's no caffeine, how does Brain Toniq work?

Caffeine has never been the only alkaloid that affects cognitive function; it's just the most overused. In Brain Toniq, each of its ingredients' profile includes an effect on cognitive function. Some increase oxygen, others stimulate brain neurotransmitter growth. These are not simply anecdotal herbal ideas. European clinics, for instance, are currently using Rhodiola with stroke and Alzheimer's patients. Russian researchers are using extracts of Eleuthero (Siberian Ginseng) to maintain sight, hearing, memory and thinking. The choline we use was available only in Europe in prescription form up until 1999.

What makes it different than energy drinks, or Water with Vitamins?

1. The large amount of ingredients we use.
2. The effectiveness—Brain Toniq is the real deal, and people generally feel the effect within a few minutes.
3. We use no corn syrup or cheap sweetener.
4. We use no artificial sweeteners, such as Nutrasweet, aspartame, Splenda, or any other fake ingredient.

So why does Brain Toniq cost more than most drinks?

We use 5 to 36 times more active ingredients than any of the 20 top-selling functional tonics, which often contain only 50 or 100 milligrams. In Brain Toniq, there are over 1,850 milligrams. Organic agave syrup is 3-18 times as expensive as other sweeteners (yes, even organic cane sugar).

Why did you use organic agave syrup?

One of the biggest health concerns in modern cultures is diabetes, which can stem from the over-consumption of simple monosachrides such as corn syrup. Agave is extremely low in the Glycemic Index, which means it slowly trickles glucose into the system, preventing adrenal burnout and insulin problems. We also believe that customers are equally concerned about their sugar consumption, and are willing to pay a little more for a functional drink that is actually good for you.

We've received numerous inquiries lately about the value of agave, mainly due to misinformed anti-agave articles recently circulating around the Internet. We've responded here.

Are there any animal products in Brain Toniq?

No. Brain Toniq is completely vegan, containing only herbs and plant compounds. We are also gluten free.

Your can states that you have "Natural Citrus Extracts." What does that mean?

Our citrus extracts come from a blend of passion fruit, lemon, lime, and grapefruit. The extract is from the oils and concentrate of these fruits.

With citrus extracts, is Brain Toniq safe for those who use statin/cholesterol-loweringdrugs?

Yes. We've asked a number of health professionals, and all have stated that the tiny amounts of grapefruit used in the citrus extracts of Brain Toniq are not enough to negatively affect statin-type pharmaceuticals.

Why did you choose an aluminum can?

There were three main reasons. The first was the protection offered by the manufacture's process. We flew out to Ball Corporation's aluminum beverage can plant in New York and watched their can-coating process that they use on the inside of every can. It means that at no time does Brain Toniq touch any aluminum. It's similar to the high-end frying pans that have aluminum on the bottom (to spread heat), but stainless steel on the inside—just as food never touches the aluminum, Brain Toniq doesn't either. The second reason was recycling. Ball offers cans that are up to 45% pre-recycled aluminum. Also, consumers are more prone to recycling cans than bottles or plastic, so we knew that most would not end up in the landfill. Our third reason was for shipping; we knew that Brain Toniq would be extremely popular with those that use and order from the Internet a lot, and we needed a container that could withstand shipping without a lot of costs to the customer.

In 2009, Americans recycled nearly 55.5 billion aluminum cans last year, increasing the recycling rate to 57.4 percent - its highest level since 2000. Many of us are now recognizing the value of infinitely recyclable aluminum cans – choosing a tonic in an aluminum can and then recycling it is one of the easiest ways tonic companies and consumers can help reduce their environmental footprint. Consider:

• Cans have the highest recycling rate of any beverage container in the U.S., far higher than glass and plastic.
• The average aluminum can is made from 68 percent total recycled content, the highest of any beverage container.
• Cans go from the recycling bin to store shelves within 60 days.
• Making cans from recycled metal takes 95 percent less energy and 95 percent less greenhouse gas emissions than using new metal.

Who is Brain Toniq for?

The short answer: anyone that realizes that their ability to get things done is directly tied to their ability to focus. The longer answer: Students, teachers, writers, artists, kids, single parents, entrepreneurs with something to create, and anyone who's brain isn't operating at the capacity it used to. Folks who are mentally overloaded but can't afford to be. Researchers, programmers, system analysts. People who are smart enough to realize that the standard soft drink—filled with sugar, caffeine and chemicals—is not only bad for productivity, but as technologically obsolete as vinyl records.

What does Brain Toniq taste like?

It's delicious . Its main flavor is a natural passion fruit/lemon-lime extract that we blend in. Combined with the heavenly taste of organic agave nectar, it is a drink that everyone likes, from adults to children.

How do I get the full benefit?

The way to get the most out of Brain Toniq is to be sure you get at everything in the can. Meaning: we put so much active ingredient into each 8-ounce serving that basic physics won't allow it to all stay in suspension. So, to get at any sediment that occurs (and you want it for full efficacy), gently turn the can up a few times before opening. Or, after it's been opened and while there is still some Brain Toniq left in the can, just stir the can in the air in a circular motion (this can be done fast or slow) before pouring or drinking the rest.

We are a nutrition-driven company, more than a marketing-driven one. We'd rather have to teach people on how to get at all of the efficacious herbs and compounds than to make a weak drink.

Why would I switch to Brain Toniq?

The first reason is that it's time to stop drinking things that are bad for you. If you're reading this site, chances are good that you value the goals and dreams you have for your life and future. Take a look at what is in most sodas and energy-type drinks. Start adding up how much sugar and caffeine is being consumed: it's a pile each month. Brain Toniq is designed for people who see the crucial link between staying healthy and accomplishing their goals.

The second reason is the specific Brain Toniq effect. It's a nice feeling when you're in the zone, and all brain cylinders are firing.

Who invented Brain Toniq?

Brain Toniq was designed by author Scott Ohlgren, who'd been writing books on the diet-health connection for the past 14 years. With a longtime fascination with personal productivity (and a fan of David Allen's Getting Things Done book and concept), Scott started looking for non-caffeinated ways of keeping the brain focused for those times when clarity and concentration were needed. While writing the finishing chapters of his last book, he began experimenting with cognitive-enhancing plant extracts and alkaloids, and noticed how much easier it was to get into that zone where words flowed easily, concepts were clear, recall and focus were easy. Since no healthy drink was out there that did this, he decided to create his own and formed TrueToniqs® (dba Brain Toniq) in 2006. After 2 years of R&D, Brain Toniq was debuted at MacWorld Expo 2008.

How often can I drink Brain Toniq?

For those who require focus and concentration during their work or study, try 1 or 2 cans per day. The plant extracts used in Brain Toniq do not have the effects that too much caffeine can have, so there aren't any contraindications to drinking more.

Will Brain Toniq help me study, focus, and think better?

We can't make promises as to what the Brain Toniq effect will do for each person. Like most other things, botanicals have different effects on each of us. We suggest a two-week trial period: use Brain Toniq every day, right before that time of day when you need your mental faculties the most.

Is Brain Toniq carbonated?

Yes, slightly. Carbonation has long been known to increase vasodilation and blood flow to the brain, so it is one of the best and fastest methods for transmitting efficacious herbs into the blood stream and brain.

Does carbonation leach minerals from our bones?

No, carbonated water does not leach minerals from our bones. Here's an article that addresses that. Here's another from Dr. Andrew Weil, MD.

Is carbonated water somehow worse for humans than plain water?

The short answer is no.

Periodically, the question of "Is carbonation ok for me?" comes up. The question stems from two concerns that have been floating around the Internet:

1. Does carbonated water weaken bones or leach minerals?

2. Does carbonated water have too much sodium?

On bones: there isn't a shread of scientific evidence that points to carbonated water having any effect, at all, on bones. Nor is there any conceivable means by which it could. Carbonation is simply carbon dioxide—CO2—which is a natural and extremely important part of human biology; it is our main way of balancing internal pH.

It is believed that the original fear around bone loss and fizzy drinks came from an ingredient used in some sodas, called phosphorous. Phosphorous may in fact leach calcium from the body. But Brain Toniq doesn't contain a speck of it.

On excess sodium: again, there's no correlation at all with carbonated water and sodium. There is zero sodium in Brain Toniq.

How many calories are in each can?

There are 80 calories in Brain Toniq Original and zero calories in Brain Toniq Light.

Where is your water from?

The water used in brewing Brain Toniq comes from one of the purest sources of water in North America. The upper Minnesota spring bubbles up from an underground prehistoric glacial lake filtered through granite over hundreds of years, and was used by early settlers to replenish their water supplies. It is also the same source of water that local micro-breweries in the area have used for over 150 years. We then put it through a reverse osmosis filtration system. It is extraordinarily clean water, which is one of the reasons Brain Toniq tastes so good.

Will you ever make a sugar-free version?

We did! After 2 years of R&D, we came out with Brain Toniq Light.

Can I buy a case for my staff, buddies, group ?

We offer special case discounts, with cheap shipping. Contact us about our WorkSmart program.

Can I distribute Brain Toniq?

We are actively looking for people to help distribute Brain Toniq. If you are interested in becoming a distributor for your area or campus or workplace, contact us .